Frequently asked questions

You can request an upgrade or downgrade any time, but it will only be processed on the 1st of the upcoming month.

You have the option to purchase your equipment from the Jenny Dealer, which will then become your property. If you choose to rent the equipment from us, the Jenny owned equipment will remain the property of Jenny Internet. Speak to your Jenny Dealer to understand the best solution for you.

Installations can take between 1 and 7 working days.

Yes, your local Jenny Dealer can move the equipment to another location if required.

A typical Wi-Fi signal has a range of around 30 metres. The signal can be impacted by several factors such as the modem/router’s ability, walls and/or other obstacles.

Installations can take between 1 and 7 working days.

You can simply log any support problems directly on our website or phone our call-centre support agents 7 days a week, all of which are backed up by local technicians.

Yes, we can plug the CPE into your current network.

We only use competent certified technicians. All installations are checked by our Quality Assurance department before final sign-off testing by you

Yes, we provide static IP addresses. Please contact our sales team for current pricing.

We have a unique bandwidth monitoring system that you have access to.

Jenny Bandwidth Monitor


Watch our fair usage policy video to explain it in detail.


You can pre-configure all vouchers with regards to uptime, capacity and/or speed limits.

You will need an additional Jenny router for the hotspot configuration.

Yes, you have the option to give free vouchers to customers.  This can be set-up using our online hotspot admin software. Free Vouchers will then appear on your hotspot landing page.

Log a lead today, simply :

Install the App Today !

Alternatively you can visit our website:

After the referred customers Internet installation is done and our Quality Assurance team has passed testing, you will receive an SMS from FNB eWallet with a PIN code. You can withdraw your earned commission from any FNB ATM using the PIN code provided in the SMS sent to you.

Wireless Internet means that you receive your Internet connectivity through a wireless CPE (Customer Premises Equipment) on your roof. This CPE points to our nearest tower in order to connect to the Internet and various other services.

A clear line of sight is one of the most important requirements for a wireless Internet connection. This is the link between your CPE and the Network Tower.

Installation time is determined by the installer and will be in a set agreement between the installer and the client.

Customer Premises Equipment consist of a radio dish which is installed on the roof of the customer. A cable then feeds the Internet into the house. This cable then connects either to a router or a Wi-Fi device which in turn connects the device within the house to the Internet.

The customer has the option to purchase the CPE equipment. The equipment is then the property of the client and any damage to this equipment will be liable to the customer.

  • Installation costs are based on the area as well as the network provider or the dealer who has been assigned to your specific installation.
  • When you search for your area, you will be able to see a recommended price for that service area.

Installation costs vary from area to area and the type of equipment needed to do the installation. Jenny Internet has recommended standard installation costs but if stronger equipment is needed, due to distance or other obstacles, the correct installation price will be quoted first and signed off before any installation commences.

Instead of paying a large upfront payment for the equipment, Jenny offers affordable rental options to suit varying customer budgets. Jenny equipment rental is also subject to pre-Jenny approval protocols. If equipment replacement is required, it will be done at no extra cost to you

The equipment rental service value is calculated by subtracting labour from the total cost of the installation.

  • Signing up for equipment rental grants you peace of mind knowing that your rental equipment will be replaced if:
    • Equipment is affected by weather damage
    • Equipment fails due to electronic failure
    • Equipment becomes old or outdated

The website currently lists all of the covered areas which are active within the Jenny Wireless Network. You can simply search for your area in the search bar and see the available pricing for your area.

Speed Tests measure the speed between your device and a test server, using your device's Internet connection. This means that you might get one Speed Test result on one device and a different result on another, even when utilizing the same provider. Keep in mind that some devices may not be able to measure the full speed of your Internet service!

  • Ensure that no one else is on the network at the same time. 
  • Switch off all computers on the network, and then perform a Speed Test from one computer.
  • Your computer should be connected to the internal network via cable.
  • Use the server to perform the Speed Test. This server is sitting at the Jenny Core where we break out to the Internet. This will give a true indication of the speed through the Jenny towers and fibre connections to where the actual Internet begins.
  • Jenny Internet cannot guarantee the bandwidth beyond the limits of the Jenny Internet infrastructure as these links are not managed by Jenny Internet.

Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines it as follows:

Static: showing little or no change, action, or progress

Public: exposed to general view / of, relating to, or affecting all or most of the people of a country, state, etc.

IP: Internet Protocol address - This tells us that it is an IP Address that does not change and is available to the General Internet.

  • A static IP is used when customers have servers on their premises that need to be assessed from outside or they have a VPN that needs to connect 1 office to another. The static IP makes both their lives and ours a lot easier when it comes to managing their inbound traffic.
  • This will also allow customers to have full range of TCP/IP ports that are available for their inbound traffic.
  • We can also whitelist outbound email traffic to bypass our mail filter.
  • With this product, all customer Internet activity will reflect their Public IP address, making them fully responsible for the reputation of this IP address. Should this IP address become blacklisted for whatever reason, it is solely due to the traffic coming from this customers network that has resulted in their assigned Public IP being blacklist.
  • Jenny Internet will assist to de-list this IP, however. the customer will need to resolve the issue on the network that has caused the IP to be blacklisted before we can get the Public IP de-listed.

Unless you have subscribed to a Fixed Term contract, you may end the Service in 30 (thirty) days once written notice has been given to us. The notice will take effect on the first day of the month immediately following the end of the 30 (thirty) day notice period.

There is no cancellation fee for cancelling Jenny services but there may be a fee if you require a dealer to remove the equipment from your premises.

Invoices are generated from the date that services are activated and the internet that is used during the month. Pro rata charges are billed the following month with the monthly invoice. To understand more about our billing system, watch our new customer video here.

 We offer two payment options via EFT or credit/debit card. If your account has been suspended due to non-payment you can watch our video to learn how to reactivate your account.

Deactivation is temporarily putting the account on hold but services with Jenny remain. This is only available with our month-to-month Wireless Home services. Cancellation is the termination of the services with Jenny Internet.

Credit is given for mid-month downgrades of packages but we encourage you to downgrade or upgrade at the end of the month.

Your local dealer can assist you with all installation and internal issues. Services provided by your local Jenny Dealer are charged by the dealer themselves.

We have various ways you can contact our support team:
via phone - 087 170 0000 or  via email -

You can also visit our website

You can request a call back by either filling in a web support request on our website or by calling our support line 087 170 0000 and selecting our call back option.

Your customer code can be found on your monthly invoices as well as your welcome email or SMS when you signed up.

Fibre via Wireless is our premium product. We provide dedicated synchronous speeds like fibre using wireless equipment.

Our custom SLA offers industry standard high committed uptime support for your service.

A static public routable IP address is included.

You can log any support tickets directly on our website or call our call-centre support agents 7 days a week on 590 82022.

Setup is free. Jenny Internet is selling you a premium service and should anything break or need replacing, we have that covered. The equipment for this service remains the property of Jenny Internet.

All Fibre via Wireless services are monitored. We will automatically log a support ticket on your behalf should there be a problem.