WIFI as a Service

  • Wireless Mesh Network
  • No Range Extenders Needed
  • One Fixed Monthly Fee

 The Jenny WIFI as a Service product is aimed at helping consumers and companies solve the headaches of wireless coverage on their local area networks. Gone are the days of large capital outlay and the project delays associated with ensuring that your office or home is fully covered. WIFI as a service is a fully managed and maintained solution that allows you to free up your time and funds for other things. Let us make sure you stay connected so that you can focus your attention on what really matters to you.

Jenny WIFI as a Service


Jenny WIFI as a Service

Seamless WIFI connectivity

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WIFI as a Service is an outsourced wireless network solution that includes hardware, software, and managed services. It's designed for businesses and individuals looking for a hassle-free way to ensure robust wireless connectivity.

The fixed monthly fee is an all-inclusive cost that covers the entire WIFI as a Service offering—this includes equipment, maintenance, and support. There are no hidden charges or additional fees.

Our WIFI as a Service provides comprehensive technical support that includes both remote troubleshooting and on-site assistance from a local technician, ensuring any issues are promptly resolved.

We offer flexible service agreements tailored to your needs. For specific terms and conditions, please contact our sales team.